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Remodeling Information

Add Green to Your Remodeling
It’s nearly impossible these days to open the newspaper and not see a story about the rapid growth of green building, where new homes are built using materials that conserve energy and environmental resources. 

Find A Professional Remodeler
If you own a home, no matter its age, sooner or later you may join the millions of people who remodel their homes each year. The reasons for remodeling are as varied as the projects themselves, but generally we choose to remodel to add comfort, convenience, space and, ultimately, value to our homes.

Living with Your Remodeling Project
Remodeling your home is uniquely different from building a new home. With remodeling, your home becomes the worksite. You live side-by-side with the project from start to finish. Once construction begins, you'll probably long for simple pleasures like a dust-free home or a fully functioning kitchen or bath. But the end result will be well worth these inconveniences.

The Language of Remodeling
You’ve bought your first home. Now, you want to update the kitchen, expand a bathroom or two or finish the basement. As you interview potential contractors, words like building permits, call-back policy and lien release are used, and you find yourself lost in the jargon.

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Ph: (386) 226-1414

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